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Building Your Secure Retirement Masterplan

Your Secure Retirement Masterplan is Heafner Financial Solutions proprietary method of increasing your chances of success for the retirement you want. In retirement, many families’ assets are at risk to shrinkage and even depletion due to market volatility, low returns, and “income drag.”

retirement successIn need of monthly income, retirees often shift more money to bonds and cash to try and make their income last. But, not only is their income still at risk, the approach is called “income drag,” because it drags down growth. “Income drag” acts like friction to reduce earnings. We believe, as do many financial researchers, there are better ways to ensure income and increase growth.

Your solution should be to provide predictable and dependable income for as long as you live. It also needs to allow high growth comparable to a 100% stock portfolio. How do you accomplish both? This is the challenge for which most people have no plan.

Your Secure Retirement Masterplan is grounded in the research of America’s brightest minds in academia and independent think tanks, such as Wharton School of Business, Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, Texas Tech, Morningstar, The IFID Centre, Dr. Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA ®, and Dr. Moshe Milevsky, Ph.D.

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Your Secure Retirement Masterplan offers a simple method to help you understand the issues at hand, learn about advanced strategies for success, test the results to see the math and science behind each plan, and then select the solutions that work best for you.

Your Secure Retirement Masterplan is only offered by Heafner Financial. It is our commitment to your success in good times and bad!

You’ll Just Know…

Your financial plan will make the most efficient use of all of your variables, like:
  • When do you start your Social Security income?
  • How do you get reliable income throughout your life?
  • How do you reduce taxes?
  • How do you protect yourself from tax increases?
  • How do you protect yourself from rising health care costs?
  • How do you gift and pass on money in the most efficient way?
You are ready for a financial plan if you:
  • Value your hard work and believe it’s worth a little planning to turn the odds of success in your favor.
  • Understand that your financial planner did not create a financial plan for you. He or she sold you financial products.

    If you’re like most people, you have spent less time planning your financial future than you have planning this year’s vacation. Are you committed to your future? Committed enough to spend as much time planning for it?