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Welcome to Heafner Financial, the superior choice in a Charlotte financial advisor firm, and thank you for taking a looking into the services we provide. Our goal is to provide you critical information about financial planning that can open the doors to your retirement success.

We know, the world of comprehensive financial planning is complex and the threats to your retirement success make your job extremely difficult, even if you are wealthy.

What are those threats?

  • Market volatility
  • Rising taxes
  • Rising Medicare and health care costs
  • Too little asset growth
  • Excessive withdrawal rates

Finding a qualified financial advisor is the single most important step you can take to achieving your desired financial outcomes.

The world of investing

It’s important that you understand how the world of investing works, and why without the right help, it’s likely to fail you in retirement–long before you discover it the hard way and grasping how accumulation planning differs from retirement planning is essential. The plan you’re following is most likely an accumulation plan and not a retirement plan. Finally, it’s important to know what does work in retirement and how a trained financial planner can bring it all together for you.

We hope we answered all of your questions about retirement planning and what we do differently to improve your chances of success. If we did not, please email us at or call us at 704-552-1230. Our office is located at 10700 Sikes Place Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28277.

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Jim Heafner

Why investing may cause you to fail

Do you get the sense that the financial services industry is lacking in customer service? Shouldn’t there be better products and financial plans –ones that don’t leave so much to chance and dramatically increase your odds of success. You want income and growth, no matter what the market does.

Investing often seems too much like gambling. In this age of high-tech capabilities and endless customer service training, why is it that Wall Street seems so severely behind the times, ignoring today’s expected “win/win,” in favor of a “win-at-your-expense” approach?

How do you protect and manage your money in a world of volatile markets? The market may be up for long periods, but what happens when you retire and an a down market impacts your portfolio.

The Truth about Wall Street

You have reason to believe that the game is “fixed” or “rigged,” which implies that someone changed the rules for personal benefit. The truth is the rules were set from the beginning by Wall Street’s big brokerage houses to win, so at its heart this is a sales business, not a service business.

Like a typical consumer distribution channel, it wholesales and retails stocks and bonds to make the highest profits possible. People go wrong in believing that Wall Street is on their side because really, it isn’t and never was. Don’t hold your breath for a change of heart! If you win, that is not planned or even important to the big Wall Street houses and as nice as your financial planner is, he is a sales rep for Wall Street, hence his designation, “Registered Rep.”

Working for a large brokerage firm, he has chosen to play Wall Street’s game because he doesn’t know there is better way or because he’s content living with the high risks that you will fail.

What is a financial advisor?

The life’s work of most financial advisors does little to improve your odds of retirement success since most sell growth and income products that depend on the good fortune of rising corporate profits and falling interest rates to work. There are many financial advisors who do very little “planning”. This is because 1) they’re employed by sales companies, not planning companies, 2) their business model is to make money from selling products, not providing planning services, and 3) they lack financial planning licenses and have little or no training in financial planning.

There is another way, but I believe you’re not likely to find it in the big brokerage houses or staid institutions that lend their name to Wall Street…. Merrill Lynch, Well’s Fargo, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Raymond James, etc.  They have no reason to change a business model that works so well for them.

I believe that a good financial planner doesn’t blindly follow his firm’s dictate but continuously searches the halls of academia and professional financial research centers for the best financial strategies and products for you. Someone who chooses to become a fiduciary is dedicated to working in your best interests and success above all else, not the interests of some Wall Street company.

What we’ll do for you.

We will work with you to create a financial plan that will slay all the dragons requires years of study and experience. It’s not found in a firm that just sells index annuities. You want more than a salesperson with a license that required a three-day class or a company that only sells mutual funds or life insurance. A comprehensive financial advisor must understand all investment opportunities that might work as part of your plan and have the planning skills to bring it all together.

We are committed to designing a retirement plan for you that will be successful, regardless of what the market does. We’ve identified the risks that can cause financial failure and have solutions that can help you enjoy the retirement you deserve.

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